It’s all gone horribly wrong: disaster communication in a crisis


How do you communicate with your staff and students and the wider world when it all goes horribly wrong? Is your IT/Web related response aligned with your institutional Major Incident and Disaster Recovery policies?

Over the past few years a number of experiments have been undertaken by various institutions to address these issues. Externally hosted websites are one solution and some have used SMS messaging and third-party services such as Twitter. This talk covers ways in which communications can be disseminated via as many channels as possible while allowing simple access to tools for those in MI teams who need to make announcements.

One day it will of course go so wrong that the only solution is a walk around campus with the megaphone – short of that we owe it to our users to provide information in as coherent and effective a manner as possible.


The slides are available on the Slideshare repository and embedded below.

A video of the session is available on the Vimeo video sharing service.

An experimental service called ITitle developed by Martin Hawksey, RSC Scotland North and East which provides a video of the talk with Twitter captioning is available and is embedded below.