Replacement CMS – Getting it right and getting the buy-in


Sheffield University are doing a major upgrade (replacing) their CMS, this talk will be sharing that experience, and talking about how we’ve managed the process.

The broad themes will be:

  • Designing a user experience
  • Catering for the majority
  • User requirements, not user requests
  • How much flexibility is too much flexibility
  • Selling CMS to your users for the second time
  • Support and training
  • Making the web team visible
  • Getting your users on your side
  • How to deal with the troublemakers


The slides are available on the Slideshare repository and embedded below.

A video of the session is available on the Vimeo video sharing service.

An experimental service called ITitle developed by Martin Hawksey, RSC Scotland North and East which provides a video of the talk with Twitter captioning is available and is embedded below.