Parallel Sessions B

Delegates could attend one of the following parallel sessions:

B1: Mobile Apps vs Mobile Web
Mike Nolan and Mark Power. See abstract for session and Mike Nolan’s and Mark Power’s biographical details.

B2: Designing, developing and testing a location aware learning activity using QR Codes
Andy Ramsden. See abstract for session and Andy Ramsden’s biographical details.

B3: WordPress beyond Blogging
Joss Winn and Chris Goddard. See abstract for session and Joss Winn’s and Chris Goddard’s biographical details.

B4: Developing Your Personal Contingency Plan: Beat The Panic
Keith Doyle. See abstract for session and Keith Doyle’s biographical details.

B5: Taxonomy: Creating structure across content using metadata
Matthew Hoskins. See abstract for session and Matthew Hoskins’ biographical details.

B6: Engagement, Impact, Value: Measuring and Maximising Impact Using the Social Web
Brian Kelly. See abstract for session and Brian Kelly’s biographical details.

B7: Course advertising and XCRI
Scott Wilson and Alan Paull. See abstract for session and Scott Wilson’s and Alan Paull’s biographical details.

B8: Looking at Linked Data
Chris Gutteridge. See abstract for session and Chris Gutteridge’s biographical details.

B9: Inside the Pantheon: A Dreamweaver framework for managing dynamic content
John Ennew. See abstract for session and John Ennew’s biographical details.