Mobile Apps vs Mobile Web [B1]


How is the Mobile Web shaping up to deliver critical institutional information? Where does Teaching and Learning come in? …and do we need an App for that?

This discussion workshop will begin by introducing a range of approaches UK HEIs have taken towards establishing their provision for Mobile devices and the content and interactivity they facilitate – from news alerts, library and location services through to course content delivery.

We’ll look at home-grown solutions as well as examples from third-party providers, compare native application capabilities with HTML5 and the Mobile Web and review current thinking on how these devices are used within the Higher Education context.

The session will then call upon attendees to examine the issues presented and discuss their own approaches – planned or realised – to mobile provision, looking at aspects of:

  • Update and maintenance
  • Online privacy
  • Data retention and sharing
  • Freedom of Information (FOI)
  • User support considerations


video interview with Mike Nolan, one of the workshop facilitators, is available on the IWMW 2010 blog.