Getting Awesome Results from Data Visualisation [A9]


Data visualisation is one of the hottest trends in online and offline marketing at the moment. By the time the workshop comes round we will have been through a general election; anticipated by many to be an event that ensures data visualisation or infographics really come of age online.

As a tactic, data visualisation lends itself to further/higher education institutions that generate or store large datasets naturally. With the launch of, data visualisation is also becoming a rare marketing sphere in which the public sector appears to be setting the agenda.

If, as an institution, you feel frustrated that you cannot put across complex arguments to interested parties, or that your communications are dull and uninteresting to your key stakeholders, then data visualisation could be just the thing to stimulate debate, comment and creativity amongst your target market.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the session, participants will understand:

  • Why data visualisation is so popular
  • How you can use data visualisation as content for straight acquisition, or for softer campaigns e.g. online PR/brand, SEO or even offline marketing
  • How data visualisation can be integrated into mobile content and social campaigns
  • Free tools for putting together visualisations