Ubiquitous Computing And The Institutional Web [C3]


All institutions make widespread use of ICT for both learning and teaching and L&T support. Many institutions in the US now require their students to have their own laptop (and a fair number of these supply them to the students so that they all have the same model).

The introduction of top up fees in the UK mean that is now likely to start here for a number of reasons, including the widespread use of ICT in learning and teaching means that personal access to the equipment at all times is becoming important equity (all students will have the same access to resources so that some are not disadvantaged) return to students – the cost of supplying all students with their own laptop is generally estimated to be about twice the cost of widespread internal provision because of savings in equipment, space and support. Thus the institution can be seen to be supplying something that actually costs them considerably less than it appears. The discussion will start with a brief presentation of the issues followed including security, non-work related use, portals and policies followed by a discussion of issues of interest to those present.