Bandwidth Management Techniques: Technical and Policy Issues [C7]


The past few years have witnessed the continued relentless growth of dynamic Web content, multimedia and real-time applications over JANET and an expansion of the JANET community to include the Further Education (FE) sector. Bandwidth Management has now become increasingly important and an understanding of such techniques and policy can help Web managers overcome some of the problems associated with the delivery of dynamic Web content. In this session we’ll talk about techniques and policy issues related to managing streaming media and data compression. We will also show you how to make your non-dynamic content load quicker and faster (thereby hopefully making you visitors experience a happy one!) by looking at how to make your Web site cacheable. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of Web acceleration, which together with the above techniques, should enable you to give your Web site an overall fine tune.

This session will be facilitated by George Neisser and Ingrid Evans from the newly formed Bandwidth Management Advisory Service (BMAS).