Virtually Everything Virtually Everywhere: Pursuing A Radical Web Strategy


There are signs that HE is finally waking up to the real opportunities that the Web offers, in the wake of revolutions in the banking, travel and music industries. Web managers are beginning to find themselves in a crucial, and increasingly powerful position within their institutions but often without that vital roadmap, telescope or crystal ball.

In other words, it’s time to stop paying lip-service to that dog-eared ‘strategic consultative plan’ and to come up with some radical ideas and fool-proof tactics that will put the web at the very heart of our business.

Andrew Aird, Director of Web Services at King’s College, London will take you on a safari from the swamps of apathy, through the plateau of innocence, up the rocky path of persuasion to finally emerge in on the sunlit peaks of virtuality, inclusiveness and sustainability.


The slides are hosted on Slideshare.