Avoiding Portal Wars [Panel]


In thise panel session the presenters will briefly explore the approaches taken to portal development by a number of sectors, including the library, MIS and the teaching and learning communities, together with the directions taken by JISC. The panel session will conclude by considering the approaches which might be taken in order to avoid an undue proliferation of portals (and which would inevitably lead to an unsatisfactory experience for the end-user)


There are five sets of slides from the speakers in this panel which are hosted on Slideshare and embedded below.

  1. Introduction by Paul Browning, University of Bristol [Slideshare]
  2. View From The Library, Tracey Stanley, University of Leeds [Slideshare]
  3. A JISC/DNER View, Julie Stuckes, UKOLN [Slideshare]
  4. A VMLE View, Paul Browning, University of Bristol [Slideshare]
  5. An MIS View, Tony Shaw, University of Paisley [Slideshare]