“The Future Lies With Open Source” [Debate]

On Thursday, 20th June 2002 the workshop featured two debates which were held in parallel.

Of interest to software developers and techies in the audience was the debate on the motion “The house believes that the future of Web in UK Higher and Further Education communities lies in the adoption of open source software“.

The speakers at the debate on Open Source Software were Paul Browning, Brian Kelly, Andrew Savory and Stephen Tanner. The debate was chaired by James Currall, University of Glasgow.


The result of the debate was an overwhelming victory for those supporting the motion.


For the motion:

Paul Browning, University of Bristol [see slides on UKOLN website]

Andrew Savory, Luminas Limited  [see slides on UKOLN website]

Against the motion:

Brian Kelly, UKOLN [Slideshare]

Stephen Tanner, Colchester Institute  [Slideshare]