The Lecturer’s MIS Menu: Why Silver Service Is Off And Drive Thru’s In


The talk will give the experience of implementing commercial Web-based MIS applications for Lecturers college wide in a large FE/HE institution. Starting with the strategic objective to both integrate and open up the mysteries of management information to be under the ownership of all it will provide an honest analysis of the successes and failures at a site running web based views onto live commercial databases for up to 3 years in some of the following areas – Student & Course Records including live enrolment tracking and Web-based reporting; Timetables, Library Catalogue and eRegisters.

Analogies will be made of the traditional ‘silver service’ approach to information where lecturers would request the support office or MI team to provide their particular information order just how they liked it, compared to the drive-thru world where it’s more DIY and fast food limited menu format, and those running the service (servers) are those 20 years their juniors with pony tails wearing baseball caps back to front speaking in weird language but at least they recognise the coffee flavour being discussed ……..


The slides are hosted on Slideshare.