Departmental Freedom vs. Centralised Control [C5]


Tired of departments making a mess of their web content? Sick of out of date, irrelevant information on your HEI web site? Wish someone would curb excesses and enforce a uniform style?


Sick of management telling you what’s best for your departmental Web site? Cramped by corporate branding? Underwhelmed by the latest brochureware?
Vent your spleen at this groupwork session where you can put your case to your peers.

Participants will discuss the pros and cons of web management styles at their respective institutions, whether devolved or centralised, and give examples of the types of systems and support services in place for web developers. Individuals in groups will attempt to define the model they would like to have employed within their institutions, and how this might best be achieved.

Groups will report back and be asked to present arguments for and against centralisation, regardless of their beliefs.