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About the IWMW Blog

The IWMW blog was set up to support those with responsibilities for managing institutional web services and other digital channels in the UK’s higher education sector. The blog complements the annual IWMW event.

The IWMW 2016 event was the 20th in the series. In the run-up to the event we published guest posts which reflected on the history of the event, including the impact of the event and talks presented at events and the development of the web management community.

Guest posts were also published for the IWMW 2017, IWMW 2018 and IWMW 2019 events.

The theme of the IWMW 2019 event was: “Times They Are A-Changin’“. In the run-up to the event we invited members of the UK HE Web / Digital community (together with those who work with the sector) to write a blog post related to this theme. Posts may explore the challenges institutions have faced in the past, are currently facing or may expect to face in the future. Posts may also describe how such challenges have been addressed or how institutions hope to or would like to address such challenges.

If you would like to publish a guest blog posts please get in touch with Brian Kelly, founder of the IWMW event on

Guidelines for Guest Posts

Guest posts should:

  • Reflect the topics covered on this blog (institutional web management).
  • Be relevant to readers of the blog.

If you would like to write a guest blog post please contact Brian Kelly, the author of this blog on Note that submission of a guest blog post is subject to the following conditions:

  • Guest posts must cover the agreed topic area.
  • The editor reserves the right to make minor changes.
  • Significant changes to the content will be discussed with the contributor.
  • The editor reserves the right not to publish a guest post.

Contributors need not have attended an IWMW event but the post should be related to IWMW events. Guest posts should also provide biographical details in a standard form (including details of IWMW events, if appropriate) and an optional portrait.

Note that posts will be published with a Creative Commons CC-BY licence.

Guest Posts

The following guest posts have been published.

No. Title Author Date
Guest Posts Published for IWMW 2019: Times They Are A-Changin’
13 60 Seconds With … Pete Briers Pete Briers 1 June 2019
12 60 Seconds With … Paul Walk Paul Walk 31 May 2019
11 60 Seconds With … Pamela Agar Pamela Agar 30 May 2019
10 60 Seconds With … Paul Jackson Paul Jackson 29 May 2019
9 60 Seconds With … Stratos Filalithis Stratos Filalithis 28 May 2019
8 60 Seconds With … Ayala Gordon Ayala Gordon 27 May 2019
7 60 Seconds With … Rob RR Rob RR 24 May 2019
6 60 Seconds With … Lauren Tormey Lauren Tormey 23 May 2019
5 60 Seconds With … Gareth Edwards Gareth Edwards 22 May 2019
4 60 Seconds With … Kat Husbands Kat Husbands 21 May 2019
3 60 Seconds With … Gemma Wilks Gemma Wilks 20 May 2019
2 How to Run Higher Education Website Accessibility Projects Paul Bradley 28 Jan 2019
1 Calling all first-time speakers for IWMW 2019 Lauren Tormey 25 Jan 2019
Guest Posts for IWMW 2018: Streamlining Digital
8 My Journey to IWMW: How I Learned to Make Public Presentations (part 2) Jane Van de Ban 7 Aug 2018
7 My Journey to IWMW: How I Learned to Make Public Presentations (part 1) Jane Van de Ban 6 Aug 2018
6 How to Get the Best Out of IWMW Kevin Mears 25 Jun 2018
5 Discovering IWMW: My 2017 Highlights and Must See Talks for 2018! Willow Colios 15 Jun 2018
4 Helping Our Users to Help Themselves Lauren Tormey 5 Jun 2018
3 Streamlining Digital at the University of Southampton Padma Gillen 30 May 2018
2 What Winning ‘People Bingo’ Taught Me About IWMW – and Myself Kat Husbands 23 May 2018
1 Why I Applied To Speak At IWMW 2018 Ayala Gordon 16 May 2018
Guest Posts for IWMW 2017: It’s The End of The Institution (But We Feel Fine)
5 Pair Writing — the Healthy Way to Get Content Lauren Tormey 3 Jul 2017
4 Marketing Open Research Nick Shepard 29 Mar 2017
3 Developing Institutional Use of Student-created Content Tom Wright 16 Mar 2017
2 Dr Strangepriorities or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Academy Chris Gutteridge 9 Mar 2017
1 It’s the End of My Career as I Know it (And I Feel Fine) Claire Gibbons   8 Mar 2017
20th Anniversary Guest Posts for IWMW 2016
32 Looking Back Over 20 Years Helen Sargan 20 June 2016
31 I Blame Brian! Iain Middleton 10 June 2016
30 Looking Back at Web Accessibility Sessions Kriss Fearon   9 June 2016
29 Amplifying IWMW Kirsty Pitkin   3 June 2016
28 Getting Inspired by IWMW Martin Hawksey   2 June 2016
27 A Brief Look Back Down the Road George Munroe   1 June 2016
26 Beyond Your VLE: Strategic Challenges Mark Stiles 31 May 2016
25 IWMW: Scaling Learning and Innovation to Build a Successful Community Lorcan Dempsey 23 May 2016
24 Core and Chore, or Me and More Disruptive Thinking David Harrison 16 May 2016
23 “In 1999 I was a freshly fledged World Wide Web Coordinator” Rob Bristow 11 May 2016
22 Looking Back at IWMW 2003, University of Kent Paul Anderson   9 May 2016
21 Designing a Logo for IWMW Stephen Ashurst   6 May 2016
20 It’s About People! Neil Allison   5 May 2016
19 What Six Years of IWMW Tells Us About Developments in Digital Duncan Stephen 29 April 2016
18 Digital is More than Just the Web – Lessons from IWMW 2014 Steve Boneham 27 April 2016
16 “For once I want to be the car crash!” Derek Law 25 April 2016
16 Lynn Boyle’s Memories of IWMW 2012 and 2013 Lynn Boyle 22 April 2016
15 The Life and Times of the Scottish Web Folk Regional Group Duncan Ireland 20 April 2016
14 We’ve come a long, long way together Sharon Steeples 18 April 2016
13 Web Security: More Important Than Ever Andrew Cormack 14 April 2016
12 Reflections on IWMW 2009 From the US Mike Richwalsky 12 April 2016
11 Friends, blivets and Haribo Debbie Brooke   6 April 2016
10 My Top 10 IWMW Photos Marieke Guy   4 April 2016
9 A Brief Encounter Deborah Fern 31 Mar 2016
8 My Top 10 IWMW Session Titles Marieke Guy 29 Mar 2016
7 “Any 20th Year Anniversary is Significant!” Stratos Filalithis 23 Mar 2016
6 It Started in the Year 2000 – For Me Claire Gibbons 22 Mar 2016
5 IWMW: On the Web, the World Wide Web Marieke Guy 21 Mar 2016
4 Ricky Rankin on IWMW 2001 Ricky Rankin 17 Mar 2016
3 The Portal is Dead. Long Live the Portal! Tracey Stanley 16 Mar 2016
2 What has IWMW done for me? Kevin Mears 15 Mar 2016
1 Andrew Millar’s Reflections on Recent IWMW Events Andrew Millar 14 Mar 2016