About The IWMW Community Blog Aggregation Service

The IWMW Community Blog Aggregation Service is being developed in order to facilitate sharing of information for those who work in institutional web and digital team.

The service is based on the WP RSS Aggregator WordPress plugin.


The blog aggregator may support the following type of queries:

  • What are the hot issues which web teams are currently discussing?
  • Who can I get in touch with to discuss shared interests


In July 2008 Mike Nolan, Edge Hill University published a blog post on “Blogging web teams” which suggested that there were only four institutional blogs provided by web teams in UK universities. In July 2010 Brian Kelly on the UK Web Focus revisited the issue of institutional web team blog in a post which asked “Where are the University Web Team Blogs?“. The post described a Google Custom Search Engine which provided searching across University Web teams blogs.

The issue of web team blogs was revisited at the IWMW 2017 event, when Carley Hollis described the Digital Communications Team Blog which is provided by the University of St Andrews.

Following discussions which have taken place since IWMW 2017 this new blog aggregations service has been developed and is being trialled.

Scoping Policy

The policy for inclusion of blogs in the IWMW Community Blog Aggregation Service is summarised below:

  • Blogs provided by institutional web / digital teams based in UK HEIs will be included.
  • Professional blogs provided by individuals who work in institutional web / digital teams based in UK HEIs will be included provided the conent is primarily work-rated.
  • Other types of blog will be considered for inclusion.

List of Included Blogs

University of BathDigital Marketing & CommunicationsLive
University of BradfordWeb TeamLast post November 2016
BCUOnline Marketing BlogNo longer maintained
City University LondonWeb Team BlogLive
University of ExeterWebteamNo longer maintained
Edge Hill UniversityWeb ServicesLive
University of LeicesterWeb Team BlogLive
University of OxfordOxengageLive
St AndrewsDigital Communications Team BlogLive
University of SouthamptonSouthampton Web and Data Innovation TeamLive
UCLDigital Presence Blog Home (UCL)Live
University of YorkDigital at the University of YorkLive

Blogs are classed as ‘live’ in content was published during 2017.