Members of the IWMW 2020 advisory group will be hosting our first Slackchat meeting on Thursday 24 October from 12-1pm. The topic will be “Contributing to IWMW 2020“.  

Meeting Topics

We will encourage discussion and feedback on:

  • The IWMW event
  • About IWMW 2020
  • What delegages expect to see on the website
  • What you’d like to see covered
  • Submitting a proposal

In addition we will welcome participation from experienced speakers and explore ways in which new approaches can be taken.

About Slackchat meetings

Slackchat meetings are a chance to gather feedback and facilitate discussions on a topic related to the IWMW event. The focussed online meetings take place for a fixed period (typically one hour) although the discussions remain available and additional questions and comments can be added at a later date.

Slackchats are hosted on the HE Digital Slack group – an online forum for members of institutional web and digital teams which has grown in popularity since it was launched in February 2017 and now has over 460 members.

Join the HE Digital Slack group

For those who have not yet subscribed to the HE Digital Slack Community, further information is provided on the  “Slack – A Communications Tool for the UK HE Digital Community” page on the IWMW website. This includes registration details (for those who have not yet signed up) and a summary of the HE Digital channels.