We are pleased to announce that the IWMW 2020 event will be held at the University of Dundee from 30 June to 2 July 2020.

The annual conference brings together professionals in the UK’s higher educational digital community to learn from case studies, hear about innovative approaches and discuss challenges in managing institutional web services.

Since the announcement of the date and location on the final day of IWMW 2019 (video clip), Brian Kelly and Claire Gibbons, the event co-chairs, have been working on the plans for the delivery of the event.

Launch of the IWMW 2020 website 

Earlier today we launched the IWMW 2020 event website. The website currently provides brief details about the event and the Advisory Group. Additional information will be provided shortly.

Advisory Group assembled

We have established the Advisory Group for next year’s event – and will be publishing a post about the group shortly.

The group has had four planning meetings to date, which have taken place using the Slack communications tool.

Name for the event confirmed

One of the first tasks of the Advisory Group was to identify a name for the event. The name of the past five events has been: 

  • IWMW 2015: Beyond Digital: Transforming the Institution
  • IWMW 2016: Understanding Users; Managing Change; Delivering Services
  • IWMW 2017: It’s The End Of The Institution As We Know It (And We Feel Fine)
  • IWMW 2018: Streamlining Digital
  • IWMW 2019: Times They Are A-Changin’!

Following a valuable advisory group meeting we agree that the name of the IWMW 2020 event will be “IWMW 2020: Evolution and Revolution in the HE Digital Community“.  

The name recognises the need for both incremental and transformational approaches to the development of digital services.

Call for submissions coming soon

We will shortly be announcing the call for submissions for the event, with the aim of making the first announcement of the programme before Christmas. 

Join our Slackchat meeting

Prior to the opening of submissions we intend to host an online ‘Slackchat’ meeting on the #iwmw2020 channel of the HE Digital Slack group. The meeting is your chance to share your ideas for event with the Advisory Group and fellow delegates.

Further details will be announced shortly – and, for those who are not yet members, details of the HE Digital Slack group are provided on the IWMW website.  Or you can simply Join the HE Digital Slack group!

Brian Kelly and Claire GIbbons
IWMW 2020 co-chairs