The feedback we received for the IWMW 2019 event will help us with the planning for next year’s event.

The evaluation form included a section on “Ideas for IWMW 2020”. We received the following responses.

The suggestions for content at IWMW 2020 included the following:

  • More workshops
  • I would like to see more experimental content along with the day to day of managing. I love the fact that IWMW is a bit of a therapy session sometimes, and we are all working on the same stuff and that’s good to see, but I feel that some more creative things could add to the mix. E.g. few years back with Helen Sargan doing a ‘press this button to spawn a new school site’ etc..
  • More Accessibility, Try and get Paul Boag (just like his talks)
  • Provision and preservation of “project” websites
  • UX workshops, case studies, impact when working with limited resources

The suggestions for the format of IWMW 2020 included:

  • Similar – I would like the supplier panel session to be a hosted discussion session, the panel session is currently just several short presentations
  • I think the format worked well. maybe more workshops to encourage discussions.
  • More interactive voting, fun, quizzes etc. Maybe two full days instead of half, full, half.
  • This format worked well
  • 1hr workshops were good, but didn’t provide the chance to be more in depth.
  • Expand on more of this year
  • Slightly longer timeslots for workshops, eg 90-120mins – I heard from several people who enjoyed their workshops but thought they were too rushed.
  • Do a proper panel session, giving everyone a mic so they can have a conversation. Keep the short talks & lightning talks, they were great.
  • Longer!
  • This year worked well, apart from the few niggles that I’ve mentioned that could do with a bit of refinement.
  • I think the format was pretty good
  • Just as it is now.
  • I’d stick pretty similar to this year with maybe 1 or 2 innovations to keep things interesting.
  • Less panels, less sponsor-driven talks, more UX related talks.
  • Similar/evolved format to 2019
  • Liked this year’s format
  • Format worked well.
  • Keep it similar to this year.
  • Longer workshop sessions (2 hrs)

We invited suggestions for “Topics you would like to see covered at IWMW 2020?”:

  • UX, tools people use to get real value
  • More management and strategy stuff – web manager focus.
  • How did you institution address Accessibility
  • The staff development workshop Marianne Kay gave on happiness for leaders was great. I’d like to see a bit more content on “overarching” themes such as: morale at work (for team and for self), work/life balance, diversity and inclusion in the sector, techniques on getting buy-in from senior management – all discussing situations and approaches specific to our industry.
  • For the workshop sessions it might be useful to also see more technical/developer stuff (they seemed mostly content/UX based).
  • Governance. Analytics
  • UX.
  • Digital Asset Management.
  • Social Media (this may attract our younger audiences as I feel much younger people work in social teams)
  • UX, content, structured content, content design
  • Accessibility, more voice, perhaps some AI, future looking.
  • Accessibility, content-first approaches
  • accessibility, cookies
  • internal communications, intranets and SharePoint
  • More on accessibility.
  • Always keen for more content and UX sessions
  • User experience, user engagement, content, writing for the Web.
  • Intranet matters
  • Could be interesting to have contributions from professionals from outside HE/FE, like from the heritage/museum world, like the V&A (Dundee) or National Galleries Scotland, or Glasgow Life, or Historic Environment Scotland.
  • Governance and accessibility
  • Engaging with University Talent/Employees online – Careers websites/on-boarding etc. Supporting HR/Recruitment through digital channels.
  • The broadening of web services to include far more interface paradigms

The evaluation form for the IWMW 2019 event concluded by asking for feedback