Bookings for the IWMW 2019 closed some time ago – and we will be hosting over 150 delegates this year (update – there were 172 delegates!). This will be the largest IWWMW event since 2012!

Details of the educational institutions represented at the event is available. A location map is shown below, with delegates from across the mainland are attending the event together with two from universities in the Republic of Ireland.

Location of universities represented at IWMW 2019

There are delegates from a total of 34 universities in England, 8 in Scotland and 4 in Wales in addition to the 2 from Ireland, together with 4 higher education agencies, funding bodies or research councils.

Looking at the map I wondered if we could say we have attracted delegates from the most northerly, most southerly, most easterly and most westerly parts of the mainland. Unfortunately nobody is attending from the University of Falmouth – which is both to the west and south of the Plymouth Marjon University!