We welcome guest post submissions to our blog – whether related to IWMW or about stories you’d like to share with the HE Digital community.

Blog history

The IWMW blog was officially opened in March 2016 with a post entitled “Officially Launching the IWMW Blog” .

There was a soft launch in February 2016. In that month posts were published on Events of Interest to Institutional Web Managers, Mailing Lists For Institutional Web Managers, Blogs and Institutional Web Managers, Social Media For Institutional Web Managers: Twitter, and Providing Evidence of Use of Digital Services by UK Universities.

March 2016 saw the launch of guest posts from members of the web management community on the blog. Since then a total of 45 guest posts have been published.

Web team blogs

It’s probably true to say that institutional web team blog have failed to take off, since Mike Nolan, Edge Hill University published a post on “Blogging web teams” back in 2008.

But web teams should still have a need to fulfill the purposes blogs can provide which Mike identified in his post:

  • Communicating what you’re doing
  • Personal Development
  • Community Engagement
  • Practice what you preach
  • Networking with peers

Send us your guest posts

If the resources needed to provide a blog on a sustainable basis are not available, guests posts on the IWMW blog can help provide these goals.

If you would like to publish a guest post, please contact Brian Kelly, the IWMW founder and IWMW 2019 co-chair by sending email to ukwebfocus@gmail.com.

Note information on the guidelines for guest posts are available.

A list of guests posts which have been published previously is available. The first guest post for 2019 is scheduled for publication on Monday.