Last week in a post titled “Calling all first-time speakers for IWMW 2019” Lauren Tormey, a member of the IWMW 2019 Advisory Group, reflected on her experiences as a workshop facilitator at recent IWMW events. She went on to explain how we are looking to encourage submissions from those who have not spoken at previous IWMW events.

We may find that new speakers work at institutions which have a tradition of encouraging members of the web team to attend – and speak at – IWMW events.

Expanding our speaker map

As part of our intentions to further develop the institutional web community, we would particularly welcome submissions from institutions which have not provided speakers in recent years.

A Google Map showing the location of the institution attended by speakers and workshop facilitators at the IWMW 2017 and IWMW 2018 events is available. As might be expected a number of Russell Group universities (such as the universities of Edinburgh, York and Kent) are represented, which perhaps indicates their long-standing culture of sharing their experiences across the community and supporting the professional development of their team members.

Ask us a question

In order to help potential speakers, especially those who aren’t able to learn from the speaking experiences of their colleagues, later today (Monday 21 January) we will be hosting a Slackchat meeting on the #iwmw019 channel of the HE Digital Slack group. Further information is provided in a post on IWMW Slackchat: Contributing to IWMW 2019.

We welcome questions and comments about what it’s like to speak or facilitate a session at IWMW, and any suggestions of the ways we can help you feel better positioned to speak at the event.