I am pleased to announce that the call for submissions for the IWMW 2018 event is now open.

The IWMW 2018 event will be held at the University of York on 11-13 July 2018. This year’s event is the 22nd in the series, which was founded in 1997. This event continues to be the longest-running, and most prestigious, event for university web and digital teams in the world!

The theme of this year’s event is “Streamlining Digital“. The background to this theme is given below.


The web has changed beyond recognition over the last decade, and so has the role of the institutional web team and the professionals within it. With new technologies and channels of communication emerging at a rapid rate, we’ve grown from mainly technical teams of web editors and programmers/developers into multidisciplinary digital professionals in a unique position to drive excellent user experiences and nurture our institutions’ digital footprints.  Our work is no longer standard and operational, but strategic, agile and responsive.

However, there’s still a long way to go.  Our time and resources are often stretched, and senior management and stakeholders are still unsure how the web, and associated digital channels, can help the institution reach its aims and objectives.

With the rise of omni-channel marketing and communications, Generation Z, Millennials, and Alphas, organisational restructures, and budget-cuts, how do we become experts in measurement and reporting, governance and compliance, and the voice of our users? And how do we get our expertise recognised?

Most of all, how can digital teams stay one step ahead and keep on doing more, in the most effective, user-oriented, and collaborative way?

IWMW 2018: Streamlining Digital will explore these topics, and more.

Call for Submissions

The Call for Submissions provides further information about the submission process.

Note, that as well as submissions from those working in institutional web and digital teams, we also welcome submissions from those who are involved in institutional strategies and planning where this will affect the provision of digital services.

We also strongly welcome submissions those who haven’t spoken at IWMW before, as well traditionally underrepresented groups, and members of user communities, including students and researchers.

The call for submissions will remain open until Monday 12th February 2018. However we encourage early submissions in order that we can spot any gaps in the range of topics submitted.

Any submissions sent before the new year, and accepted, will be entered into a prize draw.

Get in touch

If you would like to discuss a possible submission feel free to contact me or Brian Kelly, the IWMW 2018 co-chairs, or a member of the IWMW 2018 advisory group.

We hope to see you, and your teams, at what promises to be another excellent event.