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A recent post summarised the total number of speakers at IWMW events. This post looks into the data more deeply in order to answer the question “How many individuals have spoken at IWMW events?”

How Many Individuals Have Spoken at IWMW Events?

A recent post provided an answer to the question: How Many Speakers Have There Been At IWMW Events?. The answer, it seems, is 622 speakers with IWMW 2010 having the largest numbers of speakers with 42, closely followed by IWMW 2013 and IWMW 2006 both of which attracted 40 speakers.

The post concluded by describing how it is intended to provide answers to questions such as “How many different individuals have spoken at IWMW events?” and “What proportion of women have spoken at IWMW events?”. This post provides answer to the first question: the total number of individuals who have spoken at IWMW events, together with a summary of the speakers who have contributed to the largest number of events.

The answer (subject to possible errors or inconsistencies in gathering and interpretting the data) is that up to and including next week’s IWMW 2016 event there will have been 579 individuals who have spoken at IWMW events.

Most Prolific Speakers Over 20 years of IWMW Events
Rank Name No. of events IWMW Events Spoken At
1 Brian Kelly 20  All years (1997-2016)
2 Helen Sargan 12 1998-99, 2001, 2003-04, 2007, 2009-10, 2012-15
3 Marieke Guy 8 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010-13, 2016
3 Claire Gibbons 8 2004, 2006-09, 2012, 2015-16
5 Colin Work 7 1997-99, 2001-02, 2005 & 2013
5 Jeremy Speller 7 1997, 2000, 2005-10
5 Paul Browning 7 1998-2004
5 Stephen Emmott 7 1998-99, 2005, 2007-08, 2012 & 2014
5 Mike McConnell 7 2002, 2005-07, 2014-16
10 Mike Nolan 6 2008, 2010, 2012-15
10 Rich Prowse 6 2011-15

Note that the complete list of all speakers is available as a Google spreadsheet – and I welcome comments on any errors of omissions (changes will be noted below). The links in the table are to speaker profiles on Lanyrd. The IWMW guide on Lanyrd is the main source for such information (UPDATE – the Lanyrd service is no longer available).

It’s pleasing to see the number of females who have contributed significantly to IWMW events. In particular, since myself and my former colleague Marieke Guy had responsibilities for running the event when we worked at UKOLN, acknowledgements should be made to Helen Sargan and Claire Gibbons who, in addition to their responsibilities at the universities of Cambridge and Bradford, were willing to share their experiences in providing institutional web services with the wider community.

Note: The figures for Rich Prowse were incorrect. Rich has spoken at 6 events and so has been added to the table above.