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In her first guest post Marieke Guy summarised the eleven IWMW events she has attended. In this post she shares her top ten list of “crazy titles for sessions that facilitators [have] come up with“. This sounds like a great idea for further blog posts. If you have any ideas for other top ten lists associated with IWMW events, please get in touch.

My Top 10 IWMW Session Titles

In my previous post I mentioned the crazy titles for sessions that facilitators come up with. I wanted to share my top 10 with you!

  1. It Always Takes Longer Than You Think (Even If You Think It Will Take Longer Than You Think). Facilitated by Peter Walker, ILRT, University of Bristol (IWMW 2003)
  2. Responding to the Cookie Monster. Facilitated by Claire Gibbons, University of Bradford and John Kelly, Jisc (IWMW 2012)
  3. Give The Dog A Plone. Facilitated by Dominic Hiles & Dr Kieren Pitts, ILRT, University of Bristol (IWMW 2003)
  4. ‘Not blue, a bit random, and not too Scottish’: Designing a Web site the hard way…..? Facilitated by Debbie Nicholson, Web Support Officer, University of Essex (IWMW 2006)
  5. Know Me Knowing YouTube. Facilitated by Adrian Stevenson, Internet Services, The University of Manchester (IWMW 2007)
  6. Mashups Round the Edges. Facilitated by Mike Ellis, Eduserv and Tony Hirst, Open University (IWMW 2009)
  7. A Little Project Management Can Save a Lot of Fan Cleaning. Facilitated by Peter Barnes, University of Reading, and Matt Jukes, Jisc (IWMW 2010)
  8. My superpower is content curation. What’s yours? Facilitated by Relly Annett-Baker, Headscape (IWMW 2010)
  9. The Xcri-cap Files. Facilitated by Rob Englebright, Jisc,  and Claire Gibbons, University of Bradford (IWMW 2012)
  10. How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The E-Strategy. Facilitated by Tracey Stanley, University of Leeds (IWMW 2002)

Also special mention goes to the following titles which, although they didn’t make the top 10, made me smile!


Marieke GuyMarieke Guy is a data analyst at the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education. Prior to this she spent two years working on open education and data projects at Open Knowledge. Marieke was co-chair of IWMW for a number of years while working at UKOLN at the University of Bath. She used to blog about remote working but has given that up now she spends her days in a real office. You can read more about her various roles managing digital information on her website: http://www.mariekeguy.co.uk/

IWMW events attended: IWMW 2000, IWMW 2001IWMW 2003IWMW 2005, IWMW 2006, IWMW 2008IWMW 2009, IWMW 2010IWMW 2011, IWMW 2012 and IWMW 2013.

IWMW co-chair: IWMW 2006IWMW 2007, IWMW 2008IWMW 2009, IWMW 2010 and IWMW 2011. Note Marieke was co-chair of the IWMW 2007 event but was on maternity lead when the event took place.