The timetable for the IWMW 2015 event is given below.  Note that a copy suitable for downloading and printing is also available on the Scribd service. An IWMW 2015 flyer is also available on Scribd.

Monday 27th July 2015
Tuesday 28th July 2015
Wednesday 29th July 2015
09.00 THEME: Supporting Our Users, Revolutionising the Experience!
Chair: Rich Prowse

P3: The Challenge Is Institutional: Merging Customer Needs With New Operating Realities,
Mike McConnell, University of Aberdeen

09:15 THEME: Beyond the Institution
Chair: Mike McConnell

P7: Integrating Institutional Web Services with Jisc’s ‘Cloud First, Mobile First’ Platform,
Michael Webb, Jisc

09:45 P4: User Experience Design. How Far Will You Go?,
Paul Boag
10.00 Registration (until 17:00) P8: LinkedIn for Higher Education,
Charles Hardy, LinkedIn
10:30 Tea
10.45 Tea
11:00 THEME: Managing the Content; Developing the Services
Chair: Claire Gibbons

P5: From Hack Day to Open Day: Building a Tour,
Mark Fendley, University of Kent

11.15 P9: Beyond Digital – The Agile University,
Niall Lavery and Dan Babington, PwC
11:30 P6: Marrying Creativity with Management Complexity,
Rob Van Tol, Precedent and Sam Sanders, KPMG
12.00 THEME: Looking to the Future
P10: Looking to the Future
12:30 P11: Conclusions and Finish
13.00 Lunch
13.30 P0: Welcome, Brian Kelly, UK Web Focus Parallel Sessions

The workshop sessions last for 90 minutes.

The master classes last for 3.5 hours (with a break for coffee).

Both provide an opportunity for delegates to actively participate in group discussions and exercises.The workshop sessions and master classes are located in the Business School Building, the same location as the plenary talks, registration desk and exhibition area.

14:00 THEME: Putting the Web Manager First
Chair: Brian Kelly

P1: Out With the Old, In With the New: Digital Services at Liverpool John Moores UniversityMandy Phillips, Liverpool John Moores University

Master classes: Choose one master class session from the following:

14.30 P2: An Agile Approach to Content, Rich Prowse, University of Bath
15.30 Tea
16:00 Workshops: Choose one workshop session from the following:

17.30 Free time Free time
19.00 Conference meal Drinks Reception