Master Classes

Details of the parallel master class sessions are given below. These sessions will take place from 14.00-17.30 on Tuesday 28 July 2015. Participants can choose to attend one of the master class sessions.

Embed Yourself in an Institutional Web Team

The following master classes will address a variety of challenges from the perspective of an institutional web teams based in two different institutions. [Note that the master classes B1 and B2 were combined]

B1: Moving from the Old Web Team to a New Digital Services – Liverpool John Moores University

Facilitated by Mandy Phillips. See the abstract.

B2: Working with an Institutional Web Team – University of Bradford

Facilitated by Claire Gibbons, Paddy CallaghanKatie Hall and Anna Laurika, University of Bradford. See the abstract.

Agile Working

The following master class will address a specific area from the perspective of an institutional web team.

B3: Working in an Agile Way – Content Creation, Delivery and Standards

Facilitated by Rich Prowse, Rhian Griggs and Justin Owen, University of Bath. See the abstract.

B4: Usability Testing in an Agile Development Process – University of Edinburgh

Facilitated by Neil Allison. See the abstract. [Cancelled due to illness]

Perspectives from Beyond the Sector

The following master class provides perspectives from a company which works closely with the higher education community.

B5: Lessons Learned from Helping HE Institutions Develop their Digital Strategies

Facilitated by Marcus Lillington and Leigh Howells, Headscape. See the abstract.