Integrating Institutional Web Services with Jisc’s ‘Cloud First, Mobile First’ Platform

This presentation will explain Jisc’s new ‘Cloud First, Mobile First’ delivery platform, and show how web managers will be able to work this platform, both by using APIs to integrate resource into their own services, and by creating APIs from institutional web sites and services, allowing creation of new sector-wide services.
The delivery platform is a central part of Jisc’s role in the development of sector-wide services and solutions. A key aim is to create a vibrant ecosystem of first and third party applications and resources. This is being achieved by creating a developer-friendly approach to exposing APIs, as well as working with the community to develop standard APIs to University’s core systems, in order to allow rapid development of solutions.

The presentation will provide examples of the difficulty of creating services based on the existing approach, suggest how web manager can work with Jisc by adopt existing and emerging standards to allow the creation of new mobile and web based services.

The slides from this talk are available on Slideshare and embedded below.

Speaker: Michael Webb, Jisc
Time: Wednesday 29th July from 09.15-10.00
Code: P7