Alan Paull

Alan Paull has been involved in the development and maintenance of courses information standards since the mid 1980s, including working on the Superclass and Learndirect subject classification systems and the Sector Subject Areas (SSA) system.

He has worked as a consultant on a variety of projects for JISC, UCAS, the Open University, the University of Nottingham and other universities and colleges.

He has provided supporting technical skills to many JISC-funded projects from ‘Specifying an e-Portfolio’ to the Course Data programme. He is a co-author of the eXchanging Course Related Information (XCRI) eProspectus standard and has recently worked on several XCRI projects, including the XCRI Implementation Models (XIM) Project that synthesised experience gained from early XCRI work.

Current work is primarily focused on XCRI-CAP PG national roll-out, including information management issues around XCRI-CAP in conjunction with Graduate Prospects, and the HEDIIP new subject coding project (HECoS), in association with Cetis.

Alan also designs and publishes board games.

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Alan co-facilitated a workshop session on “A Revolution in the Exchange of Courses Information: The national rollout of XCRI-CAP for Postgraduate course marketing information” from 16.00-17.30 on Monday 27 July 2015.