Preparing for Mobile [A5]


Mobile is transforming what academic institutions do, and how they work. Thousands of prospective students and users are already downloading institutional apps and digital content, surfing university websites and engaging with social media platforms via their mobile phone. Mobile offers academic institutions an unprecedented opportunity for “recruiting the world”.

This interactive session will highlight some of the resources and work that is currently available for institutions as they develop their mobile strategies and manage the impact of mobile on their web presence and services. It will provide delegates with an opportunity to share what they’re currently doing with ‘mobile’ and learn from others about their work and pick up some top tips about managing the implications of mobile.

Delegates should leave the session with exciting new ideas and inspiration for how they can prepare for mobile, as well as find out about some of the support resources being developed across the sector.

The session will be introduced and facilitated by Ben Showers with high-levels of participation from delegates. Anyone interested in delivering a short case study/pitch about their current experience of preparing for mobile is encouraged to contact Ben Showers in advance of the session.

Facilitators: Ben Showers