Open Data Development in the City of Edinburgh Council


With the launch of the Scottish Digital Participation Group open data development has fresh motivation in Scotland. A number of Scottish Councils are working with open data already, and the current NESTA Make It Local Scotland project initiative is a lead innovator in supporting growth. The City of Edinburgh Council is working closely with a number of partners to develop its approach, with a key aim to deliver real value. The talk will include:

  1. Open Data in Scotland – the context for Local Government and the challenges councils face.
  2. How the City of Edinburgh Council is approaching these challenges and developing projects using open data.
  3. How the Jadu system uses its API to deliver open data: case study of Litchfield District Council.
  4. The NESTA ‘Make It Local Scotland’ initiative – how Edinburgh is using open data and code to deliver its project.

Speaker: Sally Kerr


The slides are available on the Slideshare repository and embedded below.

A video recording of this talk is available on Vimeo and embedded below.