Listen, Repeat, Learn: How to use Social Media Conversations and Activities to Measure and Demonstrate Impact and Improve Engagement [A7]


In this hands-on session we will explore various tools for tracking, understanding and taking part in the social media conversations about your website, project or service. People will be talking about your organisations online whether or not you already use social media and it is therefore important to listen and learn from what they are saying. We will suggest metrics that have been trialled at EDINA for measuring social media activity and consider how similar social media statistics and conversations can feed into impact reporting for your organisation.

We will look at techniques for using established tools (e.g. Google Analytics, RSS feeds and alerts), in-site metrics tools (Facebook Insights, YouTube Insights, Flickr statistics, etc.), aggregation and presentation tools (Storify, Lanyrd, etc.) and statistics and data that can be used via APIs for various social media tools.

The focus of this session will be on how to understand, select and make best use of social media to demonstrate the impact of your organisation, project or service. Listening is a crucial part of engaging in social media but we will also suggest some practical ways to build and nurture community engagement in these spaces, tips on how (and when) to respond to social media comments so that you build a sustainable, credible and valued social presence within your stakeholder community.

The session will be drawing upon the substantial social media expertise of the facilitator and will also refer to the EDINA Social Media Guidelines (available for reuse under CC licence).If you have a laptop with you for IWMW please do bring it along and be prepared to try out some new tools and techniques as part of this session. Links, resources and a copy of the Social Media Guidelines will all be available online during and after the event.


The slides are available on Prezi.