Doing Drupal: quick start deployments via distributions [B6]


With its extensive range of contributed modules, Drupal is a highly adaptable content management system. From huge mass-media publishing gateways such as and open data repositories such as to a broad range of university websites and countless blog, community-building, and social networking projects, Drupal has proven itself capable of supporting diverse business and user requirements.

Recently some useful Drupal distributions have pre-packaged leading-edge modules to facilitate creation of highly advanced, customisable websites. These distributions harness the power of Drupal’s extensible modular framework, with the ease of ‘famous 5 minute installation’.

In this computer-lab-based session, participants review and explore newly released Drupal distributions, with focus on a distribution providing automated content and data aggregation, tagging, mapping, and trend visualisation. Learning objectives include: understanding how Drupal distributions can simplify CMS set-up and deployment; appraising use cases; evaluating institutional benefits and challenge


The slides are available on the Slideshare repository and embedded below.