The Rise and Rise of Digital Repositories: Communication and Quality [A1]


The discussion group will begin with an overview of the current repository landscape, looking at the different types of repositories, their use within education and the range of issues relating to repositories, including cultural, social, legal, technical and policy considerations. Current JISC work in this area will be highlighted, focussing on how this work will contribute to raising quality standards in repository development, through interoperability and the use of open standards.

Participants will work in groups and will be assigned roles for the following stakeholders:

  • students and researchers
  • lecturers
  • librarians and information managers
  • department and institution managers
  • Web and IT managers

Groups will be asked to examine the issues raised from the various perspectives and to try and identify the barriers and possible solutions to the implementation and uptake of repositories. At the end of these discussions, each group will feedback their conclusions.

The session hopes to demonstrate the importance of communication between stakeholders for the successful implementation and use of repositories.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the session participants will have gained:

  • A clearer understanding of the digital repository realm
  • An awareness of current work in this area, in particular that being funded by JISC
  • How a repository can help to raise quality standards within education
  • The challenges posed by repository implementation
  • The need for communication between stakeholders