Web 2.0: Behind the Hype


The Web is changing. It is no longer a phenomenon but has integrated itself within our culture. However for those creating Web services times are far from stable. A wide range of Web-based applications continue to be developed, such as blogs, wikis, podcasting, social networking software, RSS feeds etc. The Semantic Web is still on the cards and now we have Web 2.0, an opportunity for a more sharing, more participative Web? Is it just hype? Will these progressions make any difference to the way in which we go about our work? What does Web 2.0 mean to the Institutional Web?

This panel session will offers a number of different perspectives on the potential of Web 2.0 within learning activities – the library perspective, the commercial perspective and the HE/FE perspective.


Brian Kelly’s slides are available on the Slideshare service.

Scott Wilson’s slides are available on the Slideshare service.

Paul Miller’s slides are available on the Slideshare service.