‘Not blue, a bit random, and not too Scottish’: Designing a Web site the hard way…..? [A5]


This session will show how putting quality measures in place can prevent getting a brief for a Web design job that reads “not blue, a bit random, and not too Scottish”. Don’t laugh, this actually happened! This hands on session will get participants thinking about how they can introduce quality assurance procedures within the web design process. It will cover establishing a ‘quality loop’, creating measurable standards and will introduce ways to enable clients to be better informed about what they want from their new Web site.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the session participants will learn:

  • How quality in Web design fits into the bigger picture
  • How giving clients a little more knowledge needn’t be a bad thing
  • How the ‘quality loop’ works and how it can easily be applied to Web design procedures to benefit both the client and the Web team
  • How planning requirements in advance can reduce the desire to hit clients with a big stick!!