Access Grid Node – the What, How, and Why [A2]


Access Grid Node (AGN) is an exciting area of development in communication within the academic, research and commercial worlds. Using open standards to transmit video and audio using IP Multicast networking, it is a type of video collaboration that allows a rich and immediate means of communicating with remote sites, while also being able to share presentations, data, complex visualizations and video. AGN is a technology that scales; from a single user node running with a Webcam on a laptop, up to a lecture theatre with multiple cameras and projectors. It also scales from one-to-one conversations to multi-site meetings, seminars and conferences.

This session will be an opportunity to understand what is involved in setting up an Access Grid Node, what uses can be made of it, and to discuss some of the human interaction and pedagogical issues that arise from interacting via this medium.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the session participants will have a better understanding of how access grids can support e-learning and research.