Managing Stakeholders with PRINCE2 [A8]


PRINCE2 is a standard for project management that has been widely adopted within the UK public sector, including higher education. It centres on the need for a valid business case to justify projects not just at the outset but through to closure. It provides a simple framework for representation of and consultation with stakeholders through a project board composed of an Executive (who represents the ‘business’), a Senior User, and a Senior Supplier.
This workshop will convey the essence of PRINCE2 using the participants’ own projects as well as experience at LSE as working examples. By avoiding the mistake of focusing on the bureaucratic aspects of PRINCE2, participants will learn to approach the management of projects not just in terms of ‘those below’ but also in terms of ‘those above’ and ‘those to the side’.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the session participants will:

  • Understand PRINCE2 and how it can be applied effectively within public sector institutions.
  • Have assessed the relevance and potential value (or not) of PRINCE2 to their own institution.
  • Have gained a starting point to investigate PRINCE2 further.