Inter-institutional Authorisation using Shibboleth: Myths, Lies and the Truth [B5]


Managing access to restricted web resources is a complex problem. It is hard to find a generalised solution for a given institution due to the wide variety of infrastructures and procedures that might be employed. Inter-institutional sharing, which is becoming more and more in demand, introduces further problems. Shibboleth technology is touted as the ideal solution for both.

This workshop and will take a look at the complex problem of managing access to restricted content, including asking participants about their specific situations. We will introduce Shibboleth technology and how it tackles these problems, and provide materials including an executive summary of challenges to help you explain Shibboleth to co-workers and policy makers at your institution.

No prior knowledge of Shibboleth is needed – this is a strictly non-technical workshop.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the session participants will:

  • Be aware of the size of the authorisation problem and what challenges inter-institutional authorisation brings
  • Have an understanding of Shibboleth technology and the decentralised approach to Web access management
  • be provided with support materials to help explain Shibboleth to co-workers