This page contains information about use of technologies at the IWMW 2015 event.


The recommended access to the university WiFi is using Eduroam. Since Eduroam seems now to be a mature technology across UK universities it is assumed that most delegates will have used Eduroam previously. If you have not, you should ensure you know your Eduroam credentials (which are provided by your host institution) in advance (note, for example, that you will need to use an ID of the form, not just username.

A limited number of guest WiFi accounts may also be available for those without Eduroam access – we are currently investigating this.

Network Access in Accommodation

Note that WiFi access will be available in the university accommodation. However network points, if they are available, are restricted to use by the built-in PC so visitors will not be able to connect a laptop.

Event Amplification

We intend to encourage amplification of the IWMW 2015 event in order to maximise discussions and sharing of ideas, both across the local audience and also with those who are not present at the event. We will also try to maximise access to resources used at the event such as speakers’ slides.

Note that an accessibility policy for the event amplification is available.

The event hashtag for the IWMW 2015 is #iwmw15