Providing Information To Third Parties [C2]


Many institutions are finding themselves receiving increasing numbers of requests to provide information about their institution to third parties. This can include bodies within the HE and FE communities (e.g. UCAS, HERO, etc.) as well as other public sector organisations and commercial bodies. How should institutions react to such requests? Should you be prepared to pay companies which say that their portal will drive traffic to your Web site? Or should you be selling your information to them!

There will be a number of bodies which you will wish to provide information to. This might include statistical information to HESA or course and research information to the HERO portal. What is the best way to do this? As a case study, examples of how institutions can submit information to HERO will be given.

But what if your information is stolen? The session will conclude by considering ways in which you can monitor use and misuse of your information.