Practical Web Strategies: Conflict, Ethics and Your Web Site [A3]


Are you being asked to implement cookies or other techniques to gather and reuse user information? Do you find yourself caught up in institutional conflict about standards or centralisation? Managing an organisational Web site raises lots of difficult questions, and it is important that those issues are dealt with in an informed way.

We are advised that our Web sites should be “Honest, Decent and Legal”. Ethics for the web editor will be within the limits of honesty, decency and the law, but exactly where is unclear. For instance, nowadays the Web editor has technical opportunities to gather and reuse user information through cookies. There is also the potential to use “subliminal images”. Just because we can technically do something, does it mean that we should do so?

This session will explore the kinds of conflicts experienced by web managers, and will encourage participants to share their experiences of handling those conflicts. We will discuss ways to influence decision making and examine our role in determining how our Web sites develop.