The timetable for the IWMW 1999 event is given below. The timetable is also available on the UKOLN website.

Day 1 (Tues 7 Sept 1999) Day 2 (Wed 8 Sept 1999) Day 3 (Thur 9 Sept 1999)
07.30-08.45 Breakfast Breakfast
09.00 Introduction
Session chaired by Helen Sargan
Announcements (Great Hall) – Session chaired by Andrew Aird
09.15-9.45 Browser Management
Brett Burridge
Exhibition including demos, posters, BoFs and commercial exhibitors (till 3.30)
9.45-10.15 Content Management Systems
Stephen Emmott
10.15-10.35 Experiences with XML: Beyond The Hype James Currall
10.35-11.00 Tea Tea
11.00-11.30 Registration Web Security Andrew Cormack Report Back from Parallel Sessions
11.30-12.00 Indexing Your Web Server(s) Helen Sargan
12.00-12.30 Speaker’s meeting Getting Your Web Site Listed Danny Sullivan Workshop Review by Paul Browning & Conclusions
12.30-1.30 Lunch
1.30-2.00 Introduction – Session chaired by Brian Kelly
2.00-2.45 Who Will Rid Me of This Troublesome Beast? John Slater Parallel Sessions:

  1. Design, Access, Accessibility
    Facilitator: Andrew Aird
  2. Intranets and Extranets
    Facilitator: James Currall
  3. Web Site Navigation
    Facilitator: Helen Sargan
  4. Legal, Decent, Honest and True
    Facilitator: Colin Work
  5. Whose Site Is It Anyway? The Web Editor’s Career
    Facilitator: Miles Banbery
  6. Web Tools
    Facilitator: Dave Hartland
  7. Metadata – Has The Time Arrived?
    Facilitator: Brian Kelly
Optional Web Manager’s Regional Meeting (organised by .gamut)
2.45-3.15 Building Relationships Online
Joe Passmore
3.15-3.45 Tea
3.45-4.15 Multimedia and the Corporate Web
Greg Newton-Ingham
4.15-4.45 SMIL and the World Smiles With You
Michael Wilson
4.45-5.15 Beyond Brochureware – Building Functional University Websites David Christmas & Ian Roddis
5.15-5.30 Announcements:
Plans for Day 2
5.30-7.00 Check in at Loring hall Dinner
7.30 Workshop Dinner Boat Trip