Legal, Decent, Honest and True [A4]


The WWW is fast becoming a legal minefield. Not only is the application of current legislation to the Web a grey area, but upcoming new legislation – particularly in the areas of copyright and data protection – may mean that current acceptable practice may not be good enough.

In this session, we will be exploring the key issues. We will strive to clarify your understanding of the problems, and together aim to identify those areas that require action … either by individual webmasters, or at a community level.

In order to gain some real benefits from the session, we will use 3 breakout groups – Copyright, Data Protection and Acceptable Use Policy. Each team leader will attempt to clarify any uncertainties you may have and as a group you will be asked to formulate approaches to specific problems.

Don’t expect to get all the answers from this session … but at the end we should be in a position to start asking the right questions – both individually and as a group.