Who does what on the Web and how? [A7]


The University of Bristol has a CMS, a Staff/Student Portal, VLEs and other corporate systems. It can be expected these meet at least 80% of University needs. However, this still allows plenty of scope for ‘wheel reinvention’, ‘off-piste’ web site development, content development being undertaken inefficiently, confusion over what help and services are available and who delivers them, and frustration at how to get local departmental initiatives advanced within a set timescale.

In the first third of this workshop session Pete will outline the systems and structures in place at Bristol, the challenges and issues being faced and plans to address these. The remainder of the session will call on attendees to outline the experiences and lessons from their institutions. The workshop aim is to share common practices and ideas and look for solutions that can be shared. It is possible that attendees may wish to establish some form of working group that can commit to continue working jointly after IWMW 2009 and report back at IWMW 2010.