The Mobile Web: keep up if you can! [C1]


Demand for the mobile web exists not because it complements existing means of access, but rather because it replaces them.” [Opera’s chief executive, Oct. 2008].

The last 12 months have reported an explosion in mobile Internet use. Technologies such as smart-phones, iPhone apps, SMS/MMS, Bluetooth and mobile phone Web browsers are in daily use. Has this raised the expectations of our stakeholders? Is the education sector being left behind? Should we be worried?

This session will evaluate current mobile Internet trends both in education and the larger Worldwide Web. We will discuss the demands and priorities of our various internal and external audiences, and delve into the threats and opportunities of expanding a mobile Internet strategy for your institution. From a technical perspective, we will also look at good practice for coding for mobile devices, (for example micro-sites), and tactics for delivering mobile services. What is possible? What is practical? What is cool? And when do you give up trying to accommodate all devices?

Mobile phones should NOT be switched off. Participants are encouraged to bring along a mobile device to use in this interactive session.


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