Hands-on prototyping for (meta)data structures [A9]


During the last few years, UKOLN has been involved in a fair few metadata developments, most recently the SWAP (Scholarly Works Application Profile). Via recent work on the IEMSR (Information Environment Metadata Schema Registry) we have also found ourselves peripherally involved in external metadata engineering and development work. As a result, we came to the conclusion that communication between end-users, application developers and metadata development agencies – often committees – is sadly limited.

We looked around for various ways to resolve this problem, and found – and developed – a number of methods and applications for hands-on exploration of metadata structures. Some require only a piece of paper. Some make use of software interfaces for fast prototyping of novel metadata structures.

This workshop will offer a whirlwind tour of several of these methods and the applications that exist to support this activity.

Participants are encouraged to contribute their own examples of resources to catalogue – practical examples taken from the needs of academic users are fine, but equally, those who are inclined to use the session to develop a means of describing their lolcat collection are encouraged to do so!

Learning Objectives:

  • Demystifying Dublin Core
  • Practical representations of entity-relationship models