Barcamp 2

This year delegates will be given the opportunity to run their own BarCamp sessions.

A board will be provided at IWMW 2008 for people to post up ideas for slots, rooms will then be allocated. Screen projectors will be available in rooms for people to use. During the 45 minute allocated slot there will be time for up to 18 sessions and each session will be 20 minutes long. It may be possible to run a session that spans the entire 45 minute slot.

Some ideas for topics include:

  • Your entry to the innovation competition
  • A technology you are currently working with (you could demonstrate the technology)
  • A project you are currently working on
  • A discussion area you feel strongly about

The following barcamps were held in the second session:

  1. “Canadian View On Life, Dearth and Social Software
  2. “DIY CMS – Building A Low Budget System, Getting People To ‘Buy-In’
  3. “Immediacy WCMS In Action
  4. “T4 CMS / Sitestat / Redesign / Rambling Q&A / Discussion
  5. “Barriers To Making Things Work On Second Life
  6. “Simple Scriptaculuous
  7. “Forum: Feedback on Nedstat
  8. “Migrating Into A CMS – What Is Your Experience?
  9. “Live@EDU