Approaches To Web Resource Preservation [B1]


In a follow up to James Currall’s plenary talk on The Tangled Web is but a Fleeting Dream …but then again… this session will discuss the challenges of Web preservation (what should we actually preserve?; what about IPR? and how do we address the technical challenges?) and look at practical approaches your institution can take to preserve its Web resources. The session will review some of the approachs to the preservation of static content which were addressed at the first of the JISC PoWR workshops which was organised by the JISC-funded Preservation of Web Resources (PoWR) project. The workshop will go on to explore some of the additional challenges being posed by Web 2.0.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the session attendees should have learnt:

  • Why Web resource preservation is important.
  • How you can embed Web resource preservation strategies in your institution.
  • Ways of approaching the challenges of preservation of Web resources in a Web 2.0 environment.


  • Video of talk hosted on Vimeo