The Use of Online Databases to Manage Student Support and Learning

Terry Brown, University of Newcastle gave a plenary talk on “The Use of Online Databases to Manage Student Support and Learning” at the IWMW 1998 event.


This talk will focus upon the use and development of World Wide Web (WWW) interfaces to relational databases housing student information. It will demonstrate the effective use of current and emerging internet technologies such as HTML, CGI and DBMS and will look at the functions XML and SSL can play in facilitating remote administration and secure access to on-line databases to support students and tutors. The talk will highlight examples from a number of University and National projects which:

  • Provide Online Personal and Academic Records for managing student progress and reflection
  • Aim to deliver an on-line Virtual Medical Faculty
  • Facilitate the management, administration and selection of student options (modules)
  • Enhance electronic communication between students and tutors and provide administrative staff with tools to easily contact groups of students

The talk will demonstrate the success and issues involved in the use of on-line administrative systems as a medium for student support.


See slides hosted on Slideshare.