Andrew Aird

Andrew Aird, Goldsmiths College, gave a talk on Does Web Content Grow on Trees? .

Paul Browning

Paul Browning, University of Bristol, gave a talk on Publishing and Devolving Maintenance of a Prospectus.

Victoria Marshall

Victoria Marshall, RAL, gave a talk on DataWeb: Three worlds collide.

Terry Brown

Terry Brown, University of Newcastle, gave a talk on The Use of Online Databases to Manage Student Support and Learning.

Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly, UKOLN, gave a talk on Deploying New Web Technologies.

Paul Booth

Paul Booth, DISinHE, gave a talk on The DISinHE Centre, Accessibility and the Web.

Colin Work

Colin Work, University of Southampton, gave a talk on Publish and be Damned? – Freedom, Responsibility and AUP.

Paul Squires

Paul Squires, British Council, gave a talk on British Council Case Study.

Steve Emmott

Steve Emmott, Kings College, London, gave a talk on Events Online.