Plenary Talks

There were 8 main plenary talks at the IWMW 1997 event together with additional plenary talks providing information about the event.

DAY 1: Wednesday, 16 July 1997

1:30pm Introduction (P1) presented by Brian Kelly

1:45pm Charisma or camel? A sociotechnical approach to Web redesign (P2) presented by David Murie
2:10pm Information Flow (P3) presented by Colin Work
2:35pm Networking For Webmasters (P4) presented by John MacCulloch
3:25pm WWW / Database Integration (P5)  presented by Brenda Lowndes
3:50pm Security and Performance Issues (P6) presented by Mark Cox
4:15pm Web Tools (P7) presented by David Lomas
4:40pm WWW Caching (P8) presented by George Neisser
5:05pm Next Year’s Web (P9) presented by Brian Kelly

5:30pm Review and Plans For Day 2 presented by Brian Kelly

DAY 2 Thursday, 17th July 1997

11:10am Report back
11:40am Conclusions presented by Brian Kelly